Sunday, April 17, 2016

April Quilt Along

These pinwheel blocks were by far the most challenging so far.

                               Good thing that these were not introduced as the 1st months block

                                            because its difficulty and time consuming work

                                              would of discouraged me from participating!

                             I am thankful that I endured through these tedious blocks today!

                                                Because I think that they are really cute!

                              Since I wanted a specific look on my great granddaughters quilt,

                                I had to make 16 blocks to get the 8 solid colored pinwheels.

I will use the extra 8 blocks, 

the ones with the animal pinwheels

on a pillow sham for her.

The explanation for crooked

photos this month

is that it is late here & 

every position that I was trying to take a picture in 

was casting a shadow. These are all cropped so you can see them closely.

These are the 16 total blocks.

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