Sunday, April 24, 2016

Made for Mermaids
Next Top Tester Challenge
April 18-25


When we were presented with this opportunity, we were excited!  
I read in day 2 of the M4M blog, where the ladies suggest to "mimic" their styles, that
 "Imitation is the Sincerest form of Flattery"
So, we went with it! 

This has ALWAYS been one of my all time favorite PDF pattern pictures! The M4M Hampton Romper "Pants" photograph! I just loved the look of the mauve and ivory fabric used to make this romper! 

 (I don't know who the credit goes to-but THANK YOU!  ;) 

Fortunately, I had previously won this pattern from M4M in one of their Christmas giveaways!  Talk about a blessing!  AND, it just so happens that in my stash I have some "vintage" fabric.

I chose to strategically construct the bodice of the Hampton, using this embossed fabric! 

The Hampton is a little lower cut on the sides than I thought this little girls mother would approve of sooooo - problem solved!
We will add M4M Rose Blouse pattern, that I had purchased last year for one of M4M SAL.  
I still had ANOTHER CHALLENGE...fabric for the Rose to match the bodice....none in my stash, 3 hours from the fabric time in my schedule to make that trip this week....
Off to the BIG chain store
(not my favorite place @ all - so I won't promote them)
THE ONLY color of fabric in the WHOLE store was in ladies camisoles....
so, I will just up-cycle the camisoles into a Rose knit blouse!

3 Juniors XL cami's made the size 8 Rose blouse & I lined the bodice with it as well, just incase she ever wore the romper without the blouse, it would be soft fabric against her skin.

I USUALLY have my seam ripper by my side on MOST patterns I sew!  I don't know why?  I am a perfectionist when I sew & I have been sewing 46 years...BUT I MADE NOT ONE MISTAKE as I constructed these 2 patterns!  


That was a sign to me, that I really needed to sew this outfit for this little girl!

And she was BEYOND THRILLED when she 1st saw the progress!
Here are some of the fit pictures.

Covered button was required! 


I have also always admired the pattern photography with the flower halos, so sweet!
So I decided to see if I had any floral arrangement talent? 
Look here, what I made! 


Unbelievably, there was another tester call 2 nights before our scheduled photoshoot! 
The Downtown Hat by Heidi and Finn!
Oooh, I knew this little girl & her mother would REALLY like the hat as an added accessory!

And lets embellish hat to match Hampton even more, which requires another covered button & the square cut out from the embossed fabric!..

Gotta say...


The photshoot was a BLAST! 

This little girl was so happy with the look, feel (soft camisole fabric), the hair accessories (natural curly hair), getting her nails painted & of course, being the subject of the hour and a half photo shoot! 
She was very cooperative & everything was once again...


in my opinion!  

*1st and foremost...Thank You Lord for Your goodness & grace from start to finish of this project!

*Secondly, thank you Made for Mermaids for all you do for so many families around the world with your God given talents and love!

*Last but not least thank you Angie for your photography skills & your Faith! ;) 

I love black & white photos!  I have a living room of them!  Here are a few more that will be added!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

April Quilt Along

These pinwheel blocks were by far the most challenging so far.

                               Good thing that these were not introduced as the 1st months block

                                            because its difficulty and time consuming work

                                              would of discouraged me from participating!

                             I am thankful that I endured through these tedious blocks today!

                                                Because I think that they are really cute!

                              Since I wanted a specific look on my great granddaughters quilt,

                                I had to make 16 blocks to get the 8 solid colored pinwheels.

I will use the extra 8 blocks, 

the ones with the animal pinwheels

on a pillow sham for her.

The explanation for crooked

photos this month

is that it is late here & 

every position that I was trying to take a picture in 

was casting a shadow. These are all cropped so you can see them closely.

These are the 16 total blocks.