Wednesday, February 24, 2016

February's Quilt A Long with Whimsical Fabric & Me


February's quilt block is definitely less time consuming than January's was.

Since this is my very 1st quilt, I may not being going at everything the correct/normal way, but I do have a vision. I found a nice childish print in my stash & 8 different coordinating solids as well.  My intentions were/are to make the front/quilt top using solids & using the print for the backing.

Last month, I had to use the print for my 9th square but this month (although I initially cut the 4 3/4" square out of print - per QAL instructions) I changed my mind & went back to my original vision. Also, last month I thought I needed 9 square blocks for my desired finished length & then I recalculated & realized I only need 8 square blocks each month, which was easily adjustable.

I am trusting that the finished project will be sufficient & cute!  This quilt is for my 1st great grandchild, who will be 2 years old when completed :)

 Please feel welcomed to join us in making your own QUILT -